Cover art by Ginger Kelly I wanted to find a poem that spoke to the earthy sensory experience and of the feeling of Spring. For me, Spring is the smell of dirt and cut grass, of magnolias and lilac…

Watercolour Anatomy Art PRINT Flower Brain

Week 4 submission color- I think this is an interesting drawing because the color brings out the meaning. Watering a plant helps it grow just like "watering" the brain helps it grow

Pretty Things: Ilustrações fofas e com gatinhos!

好轻松的感觉~Good relaxed feeling (Unknown Chinese Artist)♥ - illustration of a girl and her cat walking (hva)

Olá pessoas, Hoje teremos jornada dupla de vídeos e para começar vamos com essas molduras de quadro super, hiper, mega fáceis de f...

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Flowers in my hair

Let’s embrace spring as literally as possible, with flowers in our hair. Illustration found via Les Chosettes. The post worth 1000 words: flowers in your hair appeared first on Small for Big.