Pôster Regras da Família. <br>Impressão em papel couche.

Pôster: Regras da Família

O segredo esta em decidirmos antes para agirmos depois. Decidir no dia da preparaçao para nao desistir durante a batalha.

Sugar free Chupa Chups Great ad- completely solved it with a visual and a tagline. It's so simple but really clever. This is the type of thing that I'd like to make. There's a ton of other great ads in this article, definitely worth checking out.

embalagem inovadora

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Sustainable Packaging Award - Sustainable Expandable Bowl

Sustainable expandable bowl customized for instant freeze-dried food, developed by Swedish research company Innventia and designers Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist.

Patrick Seymour - Imagem para Sonhar

The Fox - Recherchesous le thme du Renard - by Patrick Seymour, Montreal, Quebec, Canada