28 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World

Sunset in Ibiza, Spain. Don't miss the night time skies of Ibiza, they are beautifully breathtaking. Find out more about Ibiza


Autumn in Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain. This would be AMAZING for wedding pictures.

Jacaranda trees-wondering if these are the purple flowering tree's like the ones…

Let Us Enjoy The Nature -Jacaranda Street, Sydney, Australia. Purple flowers on the jacaranda tree. Jacaranda tree lined street.

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil...

I'm so jealous of this woman in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil because I'm currently stuck at home doing homework.

Detalhes da Mesquita Nasīr al-Mulk (Mesquita Rosa), em Shiraz, província de…

A Stunning Mosque, Illuminated With All Of The Colors Of The Rainbow

Is this real?  kissing rocks: as rochas mágicas da califórnia

kissing rocks: as rochas mágicas da califórnia

Permita que eu feche os meus olhos, pois é muito longe e tão tarde! Pensei que…

Wow- this is Gods beauty for sure! I can only imagine standing beneath this tree while talking to God. His beauty alone would keep me in tears. God is amazing in all that he does.

Desert Rose Bonsai (Adenium Obesum) Blooming in Pink ~ Intrincate Roots…

Desert Rose Bonsai (Adenium Obesum) Blooming in Pink. Observe Carefully the Intrincate Roots & Abundance of Flowers