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an old book cover with a drawing of a man on a horse
I Ching - Sorteio
an advertisement for the chinese festival with people and horses in front of a building, surrounded by trees
i-ching – hexagrama 24 – fu – o retorno 4
an old poster with people in a boat
I Ching - Sorteio
an image of a woman riding on the back of a horse in water with words written below
I Ching - Sorteio
an image of a man riding on the back of a bull
I Ching - Sorteio
an old poster with the words wu wang on it
i-ching – Página 2 – Estudos espiritas – Apometria, Kardecismo e Umbanda
an old poster with two men dressed in traditional chinese clothing
i ching – 61. chung fu II
an advertisement for a flower shop in spanish
I Ching - Sorteio
a book cover with an image of a dragon in the water and waves on it
I Ching - Sorteio