"Alone Together", SAINER (Etam Cru)

‘Alone Together’ from Sainer ( ) of Etam Cru - on view as part of 'POW!: Exploring The New Contemporary Movement’ Curated by Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace Presented by POW!

Lapin, Marianne Ratier

Lapin by Marianne Ratier Animalarium: Sunday Safari - What makes bunnies melancholy?

Sainer : Hungry  oil on canvas 50x120cm, 2012

t rex dinosaur donut grfafiti humor funny street art animal extinct human hands

Art, design, and visual culture.

Map Portraits Beautiful new portraits from English artist Ed Fairburn who uses vintage road maps and star charts as his canvases. Fairburn opens a new show of work alongside artist John Wentz today at Mike Wright in Denver.

Broll prascida m le magazine du monde

6 month / 74 drawings / 24 illustrations for the M magazine of Le Monde

Niark1 aka Sebastien Feraut

is a wellknown Paris based artist. At the beginning of his career he was mainly famous for his vector/graphic work, but lately he focused on paintings, bringing all his imagery and style in the real world, with a grunge supertextured twist.




Recent work by Netherlands-based illustrator Jenna Arts.