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I'm back from and filled with inspiration. I need to do more workshops/lectures. It's a hug for the soul 💕 here's my morning

Merida , Brave.Essa aqui ta a minha cara ,so retiro o short curtinho .Tenho a intencao de encher o facebook de de desenhos animados para interromper a saturacaode imagens e videosnegativos.Se receberum curti vou escolher um personagem pra voce.ok?

Versões modernas de personagens da Disney

An artist has created an updated version of your favorite Disney characters and what they would look like today. Tangled, Frozen & Brave are all here!


Yeah I say this happens to all women who are short and we have to go onto our tippy toes just to kiss! I'm short, it's a dream for me to just kiss him :)