Folha de papel alumínio (preferencialmente usada) reveste recipiente de tinta evitando sua lavagem posterior, consumo e descarte subsequente de água contaminada na rede pluvial.

Good Things for Painting

Line paint tray with heavy duty aluminum foil. When done painting, pour excess paint back into can and throw foil away. Why didn't I think of this? Cleaning the paint tray is the worst!

Pour décoller le scotch sans arracher la peinture. Astuce bricolage.

This hair dryer tip would have saved me re-touching quite a few times. This site has a TON of painting tips! Must go to this site before painting anything.~in fact the site has tons of diy handyman tips PERIOD!

Cobrir as maçanetas com papel alumínio ou plástico PVC durante a pintura das portas para não sujar

Protect your door handles while painting with aluminum foil. Wrap aluminum foil around your door handle to keep it free from splatter and accidental painting.

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A Better Edge-Painting Tool - If you don’t paint every day, “cutting-in” a room can be frustrating. It’s no wonder there have been so many attempts over the years to make a tool that simplifies the task. The Accubrush edge-painting tool is one of the best

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13 Pisos Em 3D Que Você Provavelmente Vai Querer Colocar Na Sua Casa

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For future painting projects. Rubber band around the can over the opening. Then you can dip in the brush and wipe excess paint off onto rubber band, rather than the edge of the can.