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an ornately decorated room with marble floors and pillars
Teatro Municipal - Rio de Janeiro
the statue is on top of a mountain with lush green trees and mountains in the background
Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado Mountain,...
many people are walking on the beach at sunset with mountains in the backgroud
The color of summer in Rio de Janeiro.
an aerial view of the statue of christ on top of a hill in rio, brazil
Instagram: os pontos turísticos mais fotografados do mundo
a large building with a green dome on the top and people walking around in front
an ornate building lit up at night with statues on the front and side of it
Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro
a statue on top of a building next to a window
Sao Paulo
an ornate staircase with paintings on the walls and ceiling
Escadaria Principal - Palácio do Catete - Museu da República - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil