Natural options for critters we don't want in our home. Also, Cedarwood essential oil is great to rub on dogs for fleas.

Natural Bug Repellent Young Living essential oils can keep ALL the bugs away! Notice how peppermint oil is used for many of these! Keep in mind that peppermint is part of the Premium Starter Kit, along with 10 other oils AND a diffuser!

Vocabulário em inglês sobre o tempo

Types of weather with pictures learning English

Weather asking questions and different types of weather English lesson. Learn about the types of weather.

Vocabulário em inglês - cozinhando

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British English vs. American English spelling

Is gray your neighbor’s favorite color, or is grey your neighbour’s favourite colour?

Learn English Vocabulary

Do you get confused with make vs. Expand your English vocabulary with this list of common collocations using make and do.

2D Shapes Anchor Chart #geometry #math

Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

TEKS Audience: First Grade. Behavior: Sort and classify shapes. Condition: Using attributes and informal geometric language. I believe this activity matches the TEKS because this anchor chart teaches students to look at shapes and their attributes.

male, female and young animals

Animal Names: Male, Female and Young

What are the names for male, female and young animals? Many animals have specific names for male, female and young.

2-D & 3-D shapes anchor chart

TEKS Audience: graders Behavior: distinguish and shapes Condition: using this anchor chart based on different attributes. I would use this anchor chart to help my students see the differences between and shapes.