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Unique sweetheart table decor filled with greenery. | Image by Oscar Lucas
This Hotel Kioro Wedding Features Epic Views of a Volcano
Unique sweetheart table decor filled with greenery. | Image by Oscar Lucas
the ceiling is decorated with hanging decorations and plates in various shapes, sizes and colors
Bold Disco-Inspired Garden Party Baumberhof Wedding
A shiny disco ball above a checkered dance floor set the stage for an incredible celebration.| Image by Kelsey Justice Photography
a long table is set with flowers and candles
This Park Chateau Wedding Was a Garden Come to Life
Meanwhile, greenery installations and textured arrangements seamlessly brought the outdoors in, softening the opulent aesthetic of their ballroom reception with a touch of natural beauty and organic elegance.| Image by 4K Wedding Videographer
an arrangement of flowers and greenery is on display in the grass at this outdoor ceremony
This Clara Joyce Flowers Wedding Was Filled to the Brim With Florals
In a scenic setting amidst rows of vibrant flowers, the handsome grooms exchanged their heartfelt vows surrounded by captivating floral arrangements. Their outdoor ceremony was truly breathtaking, with the natural beauty serving as a stunning backdrop.| Image by Lucas Leeland
a table with chairs and flowers on it
Whimsical Whispering Rose Ranch Wedding Inspiration Shoot
The outdoor reception featured a tablescape adorned with delicate blooms, organic elements, and golden accents, creating an ideal setting for a sophisticated gathering.| Image by Foxtails Photography
a large room with tables, chairs and chandeliers hanging from the rafters
Bold Disco-Inspired Garden Party Baumberhof Wedding
When it was time to party, the barn turned into an amazing reception space. Imagine vibrant pink tables, funky details, and a dazzling disco ball hanging over a checkered dance floor.| Image by Kelsey Justice Photography
the table is set with wine glasses and flowers
Whimsical Gardens Meets Black Tie Affair at This Lotos Club Wedding
A centerpiece inspired by the garden, featuring an array of lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and delicate accents reminiscent of nature's beauty.| Image by Michelle Scott
orange flowers hanging from the ceiling in a greenhouse
This Clara Joyce Flowers Wedding Was Filled to the Brim With Florals
Above the sweetheart table, pendant lighting fixtures cast a graceful glow, while lively orange flowers provided a burst of color, culminating in a truly enchanting scene.| Image by Lucas Leeland
a table with flowers and candles in front of an orange building
Classic Masia Egara Destination Wedding Full of Dancing and Delicious Food
The sweetheart table was adorned with vibrant blooms, creating a stunning centerpiece. Above, a canopy of greenery and florals completed the enchanting display.| Image by Weddings Art
a bride and groom sitting on a pink couch
Bright and Colorful Studio 54 Inspired Sunnybrook Venue Wedding
The bride and groom, relaxing on retro orange seating by the dance floor, soaking in the joyous atmosphere of their special day.| Image by Pat Cori
a white couch and table in a room with red curtains on the wall behind it
This Couple Brought Las Vegas to Spain in Their El Monasterio del Espino Wedding
Vegas-inspired wedding lounge| Image by People Truelove Tellers
a large illuminated tree in the middle of a dining room with wine glasses on the table
Colorful Backyard Picnic Inspired No Vacancy Wedding
Unique tiger-theme wedding neon sign | Image by MK Zach Photography
a banquet hall with tables and chairs covered in white draping, decorated with flowers
This Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Wedding Was Anthropologie Meets Versace Come to Life
The tented reception was equally stunning. It featured a colorful ceiling installation of blooms, a monogrammed dance floor, tables adorned with vibrant centerpieces, and elegant settings.| Image by Evan Rich Photography
a man and woman kissing in front of a neon sign that says everyone is gay
This Roberts Regional Recreation Area Wedding Was Inspired By Chinese Culture & the Couple’s Love fo
One of the best parts was a bright neon sign that said, “Everyone is Gay,” like the ones you see in Las Vegas. It was a fun way to celebrate love and diversity. | Image by Vivian Chen
a bride and groom are standing at the alter in front of an altar with greenery
This SKYLIGHT Wedding Is Proof You Can Have a Tropical Wedding Anywhere
hey took full advantage of its blank canvas appeal, adorning it with stunning floral pillars and a vibrant geometric backdrop for their ceremony altar, along with a lush greenery installation.| Image by by NJ Duncan Photography