But if you wanna leave, take good care, I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there, but just remember there's a lot of bad and beware, Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world, It's hard to get by just upon a smile, Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world, I'll always remember you like a child, girl.  ~Cat Stevens

It's hard to get by just upon a smile, oh baby it's a wild world ,and I will always remember you like a child girl ~Cat Stevens

The first series of Skins aired on E4 on 25 January 2007. | The Original Cast Of “Skins”: Where Are They Now?

I have become one of those obsessed Skins fans. I thought this day would never come. Missing British TV!

This look made me really love her... those eyes!

Today I'm going to introduce you to my current style inspiration (well, since September Effy Stonem! Effy- played by Kaya Scodelario.

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Hannah Murray as sexually fluid/ambiguous Cassie Ainsworth in Skins [UK] (2007-present)

Hannah Murray as sexually fluid/ambiguous Cassie Ainsworth in Skins [UK] Gilly in GoT

Emily Fitch & Naomi Campbell (Skins - Series 3-4) played by Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless

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Skins es mi serie favorita, ya que, puedes ver que hasta la persona que aparenta perfeccion, tiene imperfecciones y complicaciones, que nada es como se ve y que la vida sigue a pesar de todo.

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Skins 2nd generation girls; Emily Fitch (Kathryn Prescott), Naomi Campbell (Lily Loveless), Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario), Pandora Moon (Lisa Backwell), Katie "Fuckin" Fitch (Megan Prescott)

Skins: flesh mob

As the controversial, award-winning television series 'Skins’ wraps filming its fourth season, Sophie Wilson catches up with its young stars on set and asks what’s getting under their own skin .

Chris Miles, Sid Jenkins, Maxxie Oliver & Tony Stonem (Skins -1st Generation) Joe Dempsie, Mike Bailey, Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult

Chris, Sid, Maxxie, Tony - Skins - the first generation

Lily Loveless, Kathryn Prescott and Megan Prescott (Skins)


Skins - Seasons 1 & haven't watched with newer cast or US version