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Crafty Beggars / by: Curious Design / #beer PD

A pretty simple label, but the hand-drawn design is relatively unique. The logo "Crafty Beggars" looks like it was drawn with a crayon. It gives off the impression that the beverage is a homemade product.

LOVE the dual decks...Architecture ♥

This house is so lovely. I want to live in a tree house. Tree House Design, Luxury Wooden House Design by Safdie Rabines Architects 1

Boris Beer

The Cubana Libre packaging design was inspired by by the old American cars which have become an icon of Cuba, the Lone Star and the Cuban cigar ribbon.


The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 Winners. The Dieline Package Design Awards are a worldwide competition devoted exclusively to the art of brand packaging. The 2013 competition received over 1100 entries from 61 countries around the world.