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an old newspaper article with the words if we wouldn't have a awful lot to know
〘𖠿 ࣪˖. ֺʬʬʬ ִֺ⋆ჩֺ𐐼ֺꬻ͠αִֹϐִιֹᧉ︩︪꯱ּȶֹ⋆ִֺ ۫ ≡ • ˖་!〙 『 ּ꒰ִׂ𑁬⋆ׂ𐐼ׁ͠ᧉּ꯱ȶׁჩּə̱ȶִιᦱׂ〓𝕥ּჩׄᧉ͠ꭑִׂ̱֢ə۪』
an artistic drawing of two people's faces
a black and white photo of a flower
a black and white drawing of two faces
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