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BOOM on Vimeo

A shot from a commercial we recently worked on that didn’t make the final cut. Animation by Wesley Louis. Clean up and inbetweening by Vida Vega, Bjorn-Erik Aschim, Sam Taylor, and Thomas Eide. Comp by Max Taylor.

Kingmaker - Capitão da Guarda Porto Gelo

Imperial bodyguard The Quilted leather (or whatever? Costume wise it would be a good way of covering the body without having to make a massive amount of armor, yet it looks protective. Maybe too practical for 'Fantasy Grunge'?

Q版写实欧美日韩 衣服套装武器技能物品 ...

A wonderful display of assets, likely contributing to an RPG. There is a lot of variety which makes for multiple combinations, an element that works well in this genre. There is a lot of creativity implemented in the the styles, as well as color.