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an open book with a quote on it sitting on top of a white bed sheet
two people sitting on a bench with the caption you get me so high, the neighborhood i wish i never told you all about it
the day that i met you i started dreaming with spotify's new logo
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a brown background with the words you're no good for me but baby, i want
lana is so relatable
a red background with the words you're like the sun, you wake me up but you drain me out if i get too much
That's the power of the sun.
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an ad for spotify with the caption i'm not entirely here half of me has disappeared
Love this song
Daddy issues, the neighbourhood, Spotify, lyrics, icon, song, the nbhd, sad, relatable
lyrics | ending relationship quotes #relationshipgoals #relationship #relationshipquotes #relationshipproblems #relationshiptips Music Quotes, Humour, Song Playlist, Love Songs Lyrics
lyrics | ending relationship quotes
lyrics | ending relationship quotes #relationshipgoals #relationship #relationshipquotes #relationshipproblems #relationshiptips
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the text reads, think i like you best when you're just with me and no one else
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