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Art by: taratjah (tumblr) ~ THE INFAMOUS HIGH FIVEn->>Unfortunately, that's the wrong hand for it to be cyborg...

~THE INFAMOUS HIGH FIVE I loved this part in the book. Thorne and Cinder at Cinder's coronation, though that's the wrong hand for it to be cyborg.

by himramw << FINALLY. That's quite exactly how I imagined Wolf.

by himramw << scarlet and wolf from the lunar chronicles ❤️ I like how this shows a more “wolf” version of wolf

(top)rhys, (left top)azriel, (right top), cassian, (left bottom) mor, (right bottom) feyre and (bottom) amren

pojainter: “Line-art done!) I mean, I have serious squad envy right now LOOK HOW COOL THEY ARE. Sarah is insanely talented at designing characters! I wanted to do an illustration of these characters that wasn’t about their sexual.