for all us anime fans thy probably use this poster to get us to buy starbucks xD jk jk haha <-- It's Masaomi Kida. If their plan is to get me to buy Starbucks, it's gonna work.

Another black and white image of a male anime/manga character. This one shows a side profile of the boy's face.... The jacket/hoodie is interesting, and since the lines are clean, could prove useful in future drawing endeavors. :)

Summer: * bumps into yuno a guy from my class i crushed on and blushes looking at him* H-hey yuno. * blushing* (( okay so this is a new guy i want to add on here he goes to sfhs in my class and i crushed on him someone can be him in this rp ^-^))

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cute Black and White anime japan kawaii school manga manicure Anime girl Gyaru shoujo shojo:

Original work, by momoko (momopoco)

Original work, by momoko (momopoco)

Ā, watashi wa anata ni tsuite no subete no kekkan o aisuru ka.. Hansamuna ōji wa, kono imamadenode, zankokuna sekai kara watashi o sukuu tame ni kite. Genjitsu ni wa, yuiitsu no bā no ushiro ni watashi o rokku shi, sekai no shin no imi kara watashi o shattoauto. (Oh how i love every flaw about you.. Handsome prince coming to save me from this ever so cruel world. Reality only locks me behind bars and shuts me out from the true meaning of the world.)

Ā, watashi wa anata ni tsuite no subete no kekkan o aisuru ka.

Anime picture 2480x3507 with furyou michi ~gang road~ mo sheng ren long hair…

Anime picture with furyou michi ~gang road~ mo sheng ren long hair single tall image looking at viewer highres smile twintails purple eyes sitting white hair girl skirt miniskirt socks scarf black socks school bag mobile phone surfer beach look

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