margaux motin - Nathalie Jomard

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four different drawings are shown in three separate pictures, one is drawn and the other has been colored
little girls
two women sitting at a table talking to each other and drawing on the wall behind them
Global Petcare, Food & Nutrition, and Snacking Brands | Mars
La brillante et hilarante illustratrice parisienne Margaux Motin, antidote à la déprime...
the lines are drawn in different colors and shapes
Blog rha b
Argggggggggggggggggggg! - Margaux Motin
a series of different colored lines that are in the shape of planes flying through the sky
«Ceci est ton espace vital, ceci est mon espace vital. Tu n'envahis pas mon espace, je n'envahis pas ton espace» (Dirty Dancing)
L'initmité encrage bd Margaux Motin
a woman is sitting in an office chair with her legs up on the computer desk
Illustration, "J'ai tapé vulve sur google", par Margaux Motin