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Concept Art に活用できそうな戦争、兵士、兵器に関する画像群。後単純に戦争報道写真が好き。

A-Tacs LE & Ballistische Gesichtsmaske - Army - Militar

A-Tacs LE & Ballistic Facemask

Modified Springfield with periscope (“Guiberson Rifle”) Modifiziertes Springfield mit Periskop ("Guiberson Rifle")

Modified M1903 Springfield with periscope ("Guiberson Rifle")

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“Birdseye view of carriers USS and USS moored beside each other at Pearl Harbor on 23 Aug Midway en route from Yokosuka, Japan, to NAS North Island where it was decommissioned on 11 Apr Independence continued to Yokosuka”

John& Navy, Marine, and Military News : Photo Naval History, Military History, Military News, Women's History, British History, Ancient History, American History, Yamato Class Battleship, Special Forces

戦艦『大和型』 Yamato class battleships. : MONOCHROME SPECTER

大和型: 大和・武蔵・信濃(空母)Yamato Class: "YAMATO" "MUSASHI" "SHINANO(CVA)"全力公試運転中の戦艦大和型『大和』(昭和16年10月30日宿毛沖標柱間)Oct.30.1941:Battleship "Yamato" on sea trials at Sukumo.

after the end of the war 戦艦『伊勢』 Naval History, Military History, Military Weapons, Military Aircraft, Cruisers, Heavy Cruiser, Imperial Japanese Navy, Abandoned Ships, Ww2 Photos

�������√����se class battleships (battleship-carrier). : MONOCHROME SPECTER

篌���������≪��ュ�Ise Class: "ISE" "HYUGA"������篌�����篌���������筝�����鐚��綛器����鐚�����篋��鐚�ug.24,1943Battleship-carrier "Ise" on sea trials at Iyonada.

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Tschernobyl — Flo Doehmer Fotografie

Tschernobyl & Prypjat Flo Doehmer Fotografie - Vergessene Orte und mehr… fdf - Meispelt - Luxemburg

march 2011 Northern Japan Earthquake New facts & photos updated" -- Click through for dozens of mind-boggling and heart-wrenching photos of the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami of Earthquake Damage, Earthquake And Tsunami, Japan Earthquake, Earthquake Disaster, Natural Phenomena, Natural Disasters, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Tectonique Des Plaques

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An exercise in what ifs...#zombies, #earthchanges, #EMP, #shtf, #apocalypse..what would you do if the lights went out and weren't coming back?

This picture depicts a Heer soldier of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front of World War Two. The Eastern Front was by far the most deadly…

German 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41 multiple rocket launcher in Russia summer Credit: Bundesarchiv Bild

15 cm-Nebelwerfer 41.

Highlights From the Showroom Floor at the Army's Biggest Arms Expo and Conference - The Drive

Highlights From the Showroom Floor at the Army's Biggest Arms Expo and Conference

Companies from around the world showed off armored vehicles, weapons, and other equipment at the annual gathering.