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So easy and beautiful!!!

Put a drop of black nail polish in water and spray with rubbing alcohol for the turquoise stone effect. Put a drop of black nail polish…

A comfortable, yet flattering hoodie

A comfortable, yet flattering hoodie. and apparently it's called a smart hoodie that you can send texts with while wearing?

Great idea!!

Friendship-bracelet knots over earbud wires - makes them tangle-free! AWESOME and would be great to do for kids earbuds.

i learned how to do this and its soooo easy and fun(:

DIY Woven Friendship Bracelet Using a Circular Cardboard Loom. Very easy, cool jewelry craft for kids weaving a seven strand friendship bracelet. Tutorial from Michael Ann Made here. This might be a good summer craft for the older kids.

Polka dot nail art.

Learn This Cool Polka Dot Gradation Manicure


12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs

Nautical Nails: Use manicure strips for stripes and navy nail polish. Don't forget the pink heart.

Love this idea

I Love DIY Stencil Pillows. stencil your wedding song lyrics or any other phrase on a pillow for your master bedroom

DIY: Friendship Ear Buds

Crown Hill: Friendship Ear Buds - Maybe this will protect them (I tend to kill my earbuds regularly.

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