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and I will never sing again and you won't work another day and I will never sing again, with just one wave it goes away, it will be our swan song.

Lana Del Rey  #LDR perfect makeup so beautiful

"Money is the anthem of success so put on mascara, and your party dress. I'm your National Anthem boy, put your hands up give me a standing ovation boy, you have landed babe, in the land of sweetness and danger Queen of Saigon" -National Anthem

10 Lana Del Rey Flower Crowns: a Definitive Ranking of the Singer's Best Floral Headpieces

In addition to today being the summer solstice, it’s Lana Del Rey’s birthday! May you dance dreamily around many a bonfire and ride on the back of many a motorcycle, cloaked in an American flag.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Opens Up About Death & Anxiety in ‘Billboard’ Lana Del Rey lounges on the cover of Billboard's latest issue. Here's what the entertainer had to share: On wanting to release a very long music…