Double ear piercings

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Ear Piercings Chart - Ear Piercings for Men and Women -

Looking for Ear Piercings Chart? Explore 70+ Best Ear Piercings for Men and Women on Industrial Piercing, Lobe Piercing, Helix Piercing...

Encyclopedia of Body Piercings: Vertical Tragus Surface Piercing

Location: through the flesh above and/or adjacent to the cartilage of the tragus Jewelry: initially, a surface bar will be used ranging from 18 gauge (1mm) to 14 gauge (1.6mm) in thickness with the length varying depending on the ear's anatomy Healing: total healing time is usually from 3 to 9 months; can be longer Aft

Piercing Pain Charts | Which body piercings hurt the most?

Piercing Pain Charts | Which body piercings hurt the most! Piercing pain levels depend on the person getting pierced, so we can't tell you exactly which piercing will give YOU the most pain, because pain is subjective to each person. We have a few pain level charts that will give you a good estimate of how much pain to anticipate when getting your next piercing. Just scroll down. Piercings are usually a pretty quick process. And the pain you feel from it won't last too long! The healing…

Should You Get Your Nose Pierced?

Nose piercings are super cute and trendy but require close attention to detail when caring for them. Find out whether nose piercings are right for you here.

3 Ways to Treat an Infected Nose Piercing

How to Treat an Infected Nose Piercing. Nose piercings are one of the most common facial piercings. Generally, they're quite easy to keep clean, but any piercing can become infected. Luckily, infected nose piercings are easy to treat. If...

How To Clean A Nose Piercing: Complete Cleaning Guide | AuthorityTattoo

The ultimate guide to cleaning your new nose piercing. Poor cleaning can lead to infection & other problems, so we explain exactly how to do it.

How to Heal a Nose Ring and Take Care of Infections: 13 Steps

How to Heal a Nose Ring and Take Care of Infections. Getting a new piercing is always an exciting addition to anyone's look. However, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if the area gets infected soon after the piercing. Some people are...

4 Things to Treat Infected Nose Piercing Bump Without Closing It

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Plain Earring Cuff

Product Description Plain earring cuff. This is perfect for those who don't want to get a cartilage piercing or looking for a temporary yet affordable solution to an ear cuff. Ear cuff measures about 10mm x 6mm. Available in silver or gold. The earring cuff is adjustable. Plated with rhodium in silver, and 16k gold in gold with high resistance to tarnishing. Discount available for the purchase of 2 or more: Buy more than one get $2.00 off each cuff including the first. (Example: If you buy…