porchetta shipping container kiosk CT Notes: Maybe we do this instead of a "bricks and mortar" cheese shop, when we are ready for that step!

porchetta shipping container kiosk CT Dream food truck when I no longer want\need my Office job. I dream of selling my mom's food!

Parklets - Arquitetura Sustentavel (12) USA

Modificando as cidades: Os parklets mais criativos do mundo

Wooden bench with grasses on the back? Noriega Street Parklet in San Francisco by Matarozzi Pelsinger Design + Build

Decoração Para Comércio!por Depósito Santa Mariah

How crate is this! pop-up, Adelaide. Definitely keeping this inspirational crate design in my back pocket.

Kic Park

Kik Park is a leftover urban area that Francesco Gatti is surprised to see has escaped being built-up and which is positioned at the entrance to the Kic Vill.

NYC food trucks | Wafels and dinges The only thing that got me through astronomy lab on Monday nights was the beckoning aroma of the Wafels and Dinges cart parked on 116th and Broadway. At 9 o’clock sharp I’d be on my way to getting a liege wafel with nutella, speculoos, and strawberries. If you’d rather top your wafel with savory dinges (Flemish slang for “things”), try a chilli con corne, for a southwestern twist on your Belgian waffle.

Street Meat and Sweet Treats: 5 NYC Food Trucks

Container SA: Cafeteria Container: 10 Exemplos Incríveis!

Built by HASSELL in Melbourne, Australia with date Images by Bonnie Savage. Designed for the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar by HASSELL attempts to pla.


Logan CDC is raising funds for Let's Build the Logan Parklet! on Kickstarter! Creative and innovative Parklet will create a unique destination in Logan for Philadelphia to enjoy!

© Nelson Kon Ano Projeto: . Area unit: . Colaboradores: Grau Engenharia. Arquitetos: Levisky Arquitetos Associados e Anna Julia Dietzsch. Fotógrafo: Nelson Kon, Renata Gomes

Praça Victor Civita / Levisky Arquitetos e Anna Julia Dietzsch

Victor Civita Plaza – Open Museum of Sustainability / Levisky Arquitectos Associados & Anna Dietzsch, Davis Brody Bond

Trump Cadde / GAD

Gallery of Trump Cadde / GAD - 19