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Today, The National Day of Prayer, is a day when our world is united by a universal language, praying. Everyone can pray.

Menina e gatinho...

Las tiernas imagenes de Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay - solange sueiro lara - Álbuns da web do Picasa

Tulip & Kitten (Hollie Hobby art that reminds me of Mary)

sarah kay, girl, garden, cat, tulip- this sums up me as a little girl & someday this will be my little girl -should I have one!

Sarah Kay

Sarah kay sweet girl & kitten grooming fabric block not iron on you choose size

99 servilleta decoupage

Thank you to all you wonderful friends that pin such lovely pins to our board. You all rock, big hugs coming your way❤❤

Ruth Morehead

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Two girls drinking tea with their dog on a rainy day under an umbrella Postcard by Ruth Morehead