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the instructions for making pastries are shown in this poster, which shows how to make them
Blueberry Clafoutis (Julia's Child Recipe)
Clafoutis is a light fruit custardy dessert, usually made with cherries. But, in fact, you can make it with whatever fruits or berries you have. Easy to make French recipe.
a slice of pie on a plate with powdered sugar
A Clafoutis with Pears
A Clafoutis with Pears
the perfect dessert for any time of year is cremee brule tart
Crème Brûlée Tart
Taking the humble vanilla tart and giving it a fun, but oh-so fancy and delicious twist. Say, “hello!” to your new favorite dessert…Crème Brûlée Tart! It’s the ultimate dessert that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Think, rich vanilla custard made with real vanilla beans to create a luscious and delicate flavor, incased in a buttery and sweet shortbread cookie-style crust. After refrigerating, this tart is dusted with sweet sugar and brûléed until golden. SO. GOOD.
Easy and Delicious Bread Pudding
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a loaf of bread sitting on top of a table
Pastel de zanahoria con el toque saludable de la avena
there is a white bowl with cream in it on a doily next to eggs
How to Make Vanilla Bean Custard - Curly Girl Kitchen
A classic recipe for vanilla bean custard that's creamy, rich and flecked with real vanilla bean.
How to Make Crème Brûlée
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Get-Well Custard
This simple and delicious custard is amazing when you are not feeling well!
Custard recipe Brunch, Breakfast And Brunch, Dips
How To Make The Best Custard (So Easy!)
Torta vegan alla zucca senza uova facilissima
Una torta morbida e umida, in cui la dolcezza della zucca è esaltata meravigliosamente da un mix di spezie
how do you use an embossed rolling pin?
Embossed Cookie Recipe - Embossed Rolling Pin Recipe
1h 40m
Why + When You Need To Chill Your Cookie Dough Before Using Embossed Rolling Pins