Karine de Oliveira

Karine de Oliveira

Karine de Oliveira
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Agora Você. PODE Aprender a Craft lindo Fantasy Cosplay Armadura de para um nada Próxima

While you may recognize Svetlana Quindt as being the face behind Kamui Cosplay, you may not know that she’s also an expert cosplay armour crafter who’s willing to share her secrets with…

Caroline’s tail & fin tutorial part 1 | PGM Sculpting

DIY tutorial - Mermaid tail fin with angeline film. It can be used to do fairy wings too.

Stitch Fix Stylist - I have tons of jewelry, but I am always on the look out for things that are quirky, cute, and unique.

Matching arm cuffs upper and lower order any colour flower and vine flower fairy slave bracelet arm cuff and matching upper arm cuff