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Somebody asked a filter for food so here it is. It's actually good for theming your feed as well. It gives you a clear vibrance. - qotp: chocolate or ice cream? aotp: chocolate 😍 -- comment your requests below!

VSCO Cam Filter Settings for Instagram Photos | Filter A6

really pretty filter for a cool-toned feed. gives pictures a darker and bluer appearance. goes great with all photos (nature, selfies, city, ect.) also goes great with all colors but mostl(Really Cool Pictures)

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This is a really cute filter that goes with most of the photos& goes best with pink tones (and lilac too), and with white too. Good for selfies, and super super cute for a feed. tag a friend qotd: single or taken? aotd: single free paid filters on

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O VSCO Cam tem tantos filtros lindos que fica difícil escolher um. Por isso separei os filtros mais bacanas para cada estilo de feed lá no blog! Tem estilo tumblr, pinterest, boho, minimalista, branco, clean, de verão!

As Melhores Combinações de Filtro + Edição para o Instagram