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Spreeuw / Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) by Serge (by Serge Sanramat): Animals, God, Nature, Colors, Beautiful Birds

PixoHub: Autumn in New Hampshire, USA

Swans - New Hampshire, USA. The swans are pretty, but the fall colors are even more amazing!


Purple Moon photography night art tree moon purple moonlight effect full blossoms


Chinese purple forest The forest Purple is a very special place that is surrounded by an atmosphere that exudes mysticism. The striking feature of the forest is the color of its leaves: all trees and shrubs have violet tones.

Purple  #Beautiful #Places #Photography

Magnificent Purple Path of trees.I want to walk this path daily!

Nas Profundezas da Floresta.

Castle Forest - The history was flooded with water and got sunk within a lake. And still its a mystery whats inside , because forest is protecting her so no body is going to touch

Cores do pôr do sol refletido no mar

Beautiful Colors of sunset. Live it to its fullest and maximize your personal productivity

Maravilhas das Natureza

Cherry Tree, Kyoto, Japan The cherry blossoms are the most beautiful tree flowers in the entire world, according to me. They completely drench the tree in a soft pink, and I've never seen something more gorgeous.


Beautiful Reflection of Trees in a river in Tokyo. (from Earth Porn)

All of the colors

colorful sea by toni lg