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a close up of a person wearing an animal print headdress with beads and necklaces
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In Haitian Vodun, Ogoun (or Ogun, Ogou) is a loa who presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and war. He is also considered to be the Father of technology as we know it today. He is the patron of smiths and of the unemployed and is usually displayed with a machete or sabre, rum and tobacco.
two women are in the water and one is wearing a white headdress while another woman holds her hands up
[FOTO] Voodoo: Haiti nel cuore del mistero
#vodoo #haiti
a woman is in the water with her hands up and other people are around her
[FOTO] Voodoo: Haiti nel cuore del mistero
#vodoo #haiti
a woman is in the mud with her arms outstretched and hands out to the side
[FOTO] Voodoo: Haiti nel cuore del mistero
#vodoo #haiti
an old black and white photo of a woman wearing a hat
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Papa Legba
a skeleton wearing a top hat and sunglasses
Historic Voodoo Museum - New Orleans, Louisiana
Hoodoo Magick Rootwork: Baron Samedi, New Orleans Voodoo.
a man with his mouth open holding something in his hand
Voodoo Ritual
two women sitting on a bench in front of a blue wall and one is wearing a white turban
Voodoo Ceremony. Benin
a woman in a white dress is holding a long snake around her neck and arms
Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum & Tour Company - Urban Explores: Van or Walking Cemetery & Ghost Tours, Ghost Hunting, Voodoo Weddings & Spiritual Services + Mystic Institute w classes, workshops. psychic mediums & more...
Bloody Mary's New Orleans - Voodoo Rituals
a woman is holding out her hands with candles in the middle of their palms
Photographic Moratorium - Occult Imagery
Voodoo New Orleans, Halloween Costumes, Voodoo Costume, Voodoo Halloween, Voodoo Party, Halloweenie
Molly Evangeline
a creepy doll with long white hair and eyes
Hoodoo Voodoo
Hoodoo Magick Rootwork:  Baron Samedi. Fantasy Art, Male Witch, Erik, Ange, Vampire, Witch, Yoruba Religion, Ghost Costumes, Tatuajes
Hoodoo Magick Rootwork: Baron Samedi.
a grave with flowers growing out of it
TOMB OF MARIE LAVEAU Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, LA
Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's tomb.. New Orleans