Guilt trips

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Lol I did it! I know it's not true and there is no way this can say if I am a good kisser but it was funny Teen Posts, Teenager Posts, Just In Case, Just For You, Good Kisser, Jenifer Lawrence, Funny Texts, Laugh Out Loud, In This World

im going to try this on my phone just need to save it so i have a way to get to it on pintrest lol thats my life

I didn't know where to put this so I decided to put it on my most popular board (my humour one). I did not put it there because I think that it is funny Look Here, Look At You, Just For You, Love You, Let It Be, My Love, What Do You Mean, That Way, Whatever Forever

Funny, cause I'd definitely stay with someone to try to talk them out of it, but I feel like no one would do that for me [':