Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro is a legendary city. The physical beauty of its beaches and mountains is the stuff of picture postcards. Its shops and restaurants are full of delightful surprises. And the relaxed vibe of its people is infectious. View from Pão de Açúcar

Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado.

Sebastião Salgado photo - The Eastern Part of the Brooks Range - the arctic national wildlife range, Alaska landscape black and white photography mountain nature

Itacare - Bahia - Brazil

Bahia is one of the in Brazil, located in the northeast part of the country on the Atlantic coast.

Marine Iguana Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastião Salgado, Marine iguana, Galápagos, Ecuador, Genesis Art Edition D.

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Ladder, The Gold Mine, Serra Pelada, Brazil - Sebastiao Salgado (the Master of alla photographers) 1986 gelatin silver print

sebastiao salgado genesis

Sebastião Salgado in Siberia For his latest epic project, Genesis, photographer Sebastião Salgado spent eight years documenting parts of the world untainted by modern life. Here, he shares the images he took of the nomadic Nenets of northern Siberia

Panchoran Retreat in Bali. Villa's designed by Linda Garland.

Designing Dream Travel: 14 Spectacular Eco Hotels - Page 3 of 3

These 14 hotels aren't just self-contained, pre-fabricated, eco-friendly wonders, they're also standout designs of the jaw-dropping variety. In fact, they'

sebastiao salgado genesis bats Sebastião Salgado Genesis reportage

Bats on tamarind trees in Madagascar, 2010 Sebastião Salgado from Genesis

Sebastiao Salgado: Chinstrap penguins South Sandwich Islands

Look, ma! Salgado photographed these chinstrap penguins on icebergs between the Zavodovski and Visokoi islands in the South Sandwich Islands, near Antarctica. Sebastião Salgado: A gallery of spectacular photographs

Porto de Galinhas | Pernambuco -  BRAZIL

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"Mi è sempre piaciuto il deserto. Ci si siede su una duna di sabbia, non si vede nulla, non si sente nulla, e tuttavia qualche cosa risplende nel silenzio" (Antoine de Saint Exupery)

sebastiao salgado, Sahara, Algeria, 2009 Available at: 20 x 24 x 35 x 50 x 36 and 68 x 50 inches.