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Bluebirds in Purple Meadow: Hautman Brothers

Bluebirds and blue morning glories. What is more beautiful? Glad I found morning glories that bloom all day.

Natureza - pássaros - casal - birds (?)

Black-capped Chickadees and Dogwood blossoms - Bird painting by Russell Cobane

Fåglar och blommor.. en million bell, hade just den färgens på terasssen förra sommaren

this is really pretty.Spring - love to see blue birds in my yard. Just wish mine would sit still long enough to get a nice picture like this one.


" Vineyard-Mourning Doves" - Rosemary Millette By carefully studying her subject matter, Millette realistically portrays each animal's physical structure and tone. Yet, her paintings offer the viewer more than a photo-realistic representation.

Vintage Gaurdian Angel ~ Violeta lilás Vintage

Lord Almighty, Creator of all life, Thank You for creating the angels. As dedicated and faithful servants, They instantly act upon Your commands.

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