Olha que look lindo e bem confortável para quem estuda é ótimo pra ir para aula!

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"Back to school for fall" by dagimstang on Polyvore featuring Topshop and adidas

Change the shoes to black braided flip flops that are a nude color for the sole. That's real specific.

Los kimonos son una muy buena prenda para combinar. Amor por los kimonos

Amor por los kimonos anything like this would be great over my tanks tops! The more neutral - the better so it could pair with multiple things!

"Untitled #3502" by xirix on Polyvore featuring Yves Saint Laurent, ISABEL BENENATO, Bottega Veneta and Gianvito Rossi

Yves Saint Laurent, Isabel Benenato, Bottega Veneta and Gianvito Rossi