Lindo y simple- No riegue demasiado! Me gusta la variedad de texturas y colores en el sustrato , y las diferentes alturas de las plantas .

Recopilación de originales terrarios para el interior del hogar

Making miniature gardens is always interesting and very good choice for home decoration. If you have free time and do not know how to spend it, get creative and make some small and beautifully designed garden for indoor or outdoor decoration. You can create miniature terrarium gardens, small water gardens, or combine the both options. …

25+ Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas For You To Try

Add a Miniature Waterfall, Pond or River to your Terrarium - Unique Terrarium Accessory - Handmade by Gypsy Raku - Fairy Gardens

Jardim na palma da mão: Amigas reutilizam vidros para criar terrários com…

Jardim na palma da mão: Amigas reutilizam vidros para criar terrários com cenários delicados

Glass Terrariums lo beautiful around your home and they're very easy and inexpensive to make, plus low maintenance.  Use Succulents or make miniature fairy gardens, add some river pebbles, you can even use faux plants if you want to have something with zero upkeep. We've added how to pick the right plants for your terrarium too and how to make a Terrarium from a glass Coffee Pot!

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

This Orange Vinegar Cleaner Homemade Recipe is a great use for your Orange Peels and it works a treat and is all natural.