Another rope wrapped chain bracelet

The Affluent Academy - DIY Rope Wrapped Chain Bracelet. The best explanation of how to make a wrapped chain bracelet!


ruffles and pleats are two things we do to clothes.but what about the things clothes do for us? here's to the moments and clothes that take your breath away.

leather and gold

La Mer Bali Watch from Urban Outfitters.this is the perfect watch for me. just not the perfect price.

Realistic mullet.

Long Tail Skirt - Mocha - NASTY GAL - still thinking on this one but i'm intrigued


Discover the latest jewellery from Harvey Nichols. From statement diamond necklaces and bracelets to crystal earrings and cocktail rings.

Goldtone Studded Black Leather Wrap-Around Watch | $22


Goldtone Studded Black Leather Wrap-Around Watch | $22