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Art is healing in and of itself and is a great resource in therapy. Its a whole-brainer. This graphic shows how art effects the brain and highlights ways that it could be incorporated into therapy; for example for reflection or problem-solving, etc. High School Art, Middle School Art, Classroom Posters, Art Classroom, Art Room Posters, Classe D'art, Arts Integration, Bulletins, E Mc2

Middle School Art Lessons

An assortment of Middle School Art Lessons by Annie Jewett with examples of projects and student artwork

Animals - Sumi-e Black Panther Drawing, Black Panther Tattoo, Panther Tattoos, Animal Sketches, Animal Drawings, Art Drawings, Jaguar Tattoo, Panther Cat, Natur Tattoos

Animals - Sumi-e

Painting of animals In the subjective art of ink painting animals mostly have a symbolic meaning. Often they are not creatures of nature but imaginary creations, e.g. the dragon or phoenix. It is less the shape but more the meaning that is of importance to the artist: the tiger as symbol for worldly strength, the …

design inspiration What a creative triangle notebook. What a creative triangle notebook. Do It Yourself Inspiration, Design Inspiration, Daily Inspiration, Design Ideas, Buch Design, Handmade Books, Industrial Design, Industrial Shop, Industrial Bookshelf


The Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan Designed by Tan Mavitan, the Triangle Notebook has a smaller size which makes it easier and more convenient to carry around. With an unconventional triangular...

Hishida Shunsō (Japan, - Black Cat, 1910 - Color on silk Art And Illustration, Illustrations, Asian Cat, Gatos Cat, Video Chat, Black Cat Art, Black Cats, Japanese Cat, Art Asiatique

Hishida Shunso (1874 – 1911, Japanese)

Hishida Shunso paintings of cats are done in the Nihonga style and are delicate and light. Cats are mostly posed under various types of trees. His work ...

[Which do you prefer, this one in spontaneous style, or the one in detail style?] Original Sumi-e. From March Sumi-e: Reach for the Moon II Japanese Watercolor, Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Japanese Art, Chinese Brush, Watercolour, Frog Drawing, Sumi E Painting

Sumi-e: Reach for the Moon II by catherinejao on DeviantArt

[Which do you prefer, this one in spontaneous style, or the 1st one in detail style? See the other one here: [link] --ed.] Original Sumi-e. From March 7... Sumi-e: Reach for the Moon II

Painter and printmaker Will Barnet (May 1911 - November has lived through every major artistic school in modern American art. Black Cat Art, Ligne Claire, Barnet, Abstract Painters, Mural Painting, Paintings, American Artists, Crazy Cats, Art Forms

Will Barnet | Abstract painter

Painter and printmaker Will Barnet (May 25, 1911 - November 13, 2012) has lived through every major artistic school in modern American art. He can remember watching John Singer Sergent paint murals on the ceiling of the Boston Public Library in the 1920s..

中国画鹤 Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Japanese Art, Hallway Art, Sumi E Painting, Organic Art, Tinta China, Samurai Art, China Art


中国画鹤图片,中国画鹤模板下载,中国画 彩色 传统 中国 文化,中国画鹤设计素材,昵图网:图片共享和图片交易中心

Cats in Art & Illustration: Toshiyuki Enoki: Hijiki. Frida Art, Image Chat, Japanese Cat, Illustration Art, Illustrations, Gatos Cats, Photo Chat, White Cats, Black Cats

Contemporary Artist: Enoki Toshiyuki

Contemporary Artist: Enoki Toshiyuki I was recently searching the internet for images on the theme of Mermaids, Nereids, and/or Sea Nymphs for some ideas relating to a painting I am currently plotting...

Ito Jakuchū 伊藤 若冲 - "Two Gibbons Reaching for the Moon" - 1770 - Edo Period - Hanging scroll; ink on paper ~ Zen Painting, Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Pintura Zen, Art Chinois, Art Asiatique, Year Of The Monkey, Art Japonais, Art Graphique

Ito Jakuchu, Japanese (1716–1800), Two Gibbons Reaching for the Moon, c. 1770, Japan, Edo period, Hanging scroll, ink on paper

Japanese Painting Gallery carries a lot of Rabbit or Hare paintings and prints. Japanese Watercolor, Japanese Painting, Watercolor Art, Rabbit Drawing, Rabbit Art, Korean Art, Asian Art, Drawing Course, Bunny Art

兎 | 絵画など美術品の販売と買取 | 東京・銀座 おいだ美術


松魚 by 竹内栖鳳 pine fish by Takeuchi Seiho. Japanese Nature, Fish Print, Japanese Painting, Japanese Artists, Woodblock Print, Chinese Art, Asian Art, Traditional Art, Drawings

開館20周年記念特別展  近代日本画の巨匠展

松魚 by 竹内栖鳳 pine fish by Takeuchi Seiho.

cornflower blue on faded gold: beautiful art by Claire Basler Más Botanical Art, Botanical Illustration, Illustration Art, Art Floral, Art Graphique, Painting Inspiration, Design Inspiration, Design Ideas, Painting & Drawing

Письмо «Привет, Yellow! Не пропустите новые Пины...» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта