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rolling stones

- The Rolling Stones are still rock legends, even if I do still hang my head in shame every time I think of Mick Jagger singing on that Will.am song.

Bob Marley

Above you see a picture of Bob Marley. A big part of the arts in Jamaica is Music. The most famous Musician in Jamaica is Bob Marley. He has a festival commemorating his music and good vibes. It is celebrated on His birthday.

the stones

Bookmark Exhibition: Bookmark advertising the new Rolling Stones album A Bigger Bang

The Lumineers | Lumineers

Free piano sheet music Ho Hey by The Lumineers. "Ho Hey" is a song by American folk rock band The Lumineers. It was released in 2012 as the lead single from their debut self-titled studio


Aerosmith, one of my favorite rock bands, this is an earlier picture of them, but their still, going. Steven Tyler is one of the best voices anyone's ever heard!


Mylo Xyloto Coldplay - what an album! Feel very nostalgic of my video game phase when I would spend hours on minecraft listening to this!


Top Albums on Rdio: Oracular Spectacular — MGMT — Time to Pretend