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susan; twenty-three. a man cannot survive on nuts alone. /

 Who else died watching kiwi. It was sooooo harry. Who else died watching kiwi. It was sooooo harry….it had nothing to do with the song.

Omfg!!! Who else died watching kiwi. It was sooooo harry....it had nothing to do with the song.. and that smirk at the end dead!

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson + Zayn Malik One Shots.

Harry why the fuck do You have to do this to me

I could watch this all day

Just a few mini imagines featuring Harry Styles! Harry Styles Gif, Harry Styles Mode, Harry Edward Styles, One Direction, Finish The Lyrics, Holmes Chapel, Mr Style, Family Show, Treat People With Kindness

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#9 Losowo 01.01.2018 Imagify to książka w której TY możesz być główną bohaterką. Jeżeli tylko lubisz Harry'ego to zapraszam!

Harry Styles Imagines - Admit It

I'm kinda into it

oh my gosh! happy birthday jenni <333! Thank you Laur! 💕

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Um mundo alternativo onde Louis é estudante de direito que vive procurando por outras realidades e coisas para se apaixonar. Harry é um jogador de futebol americano sempre pensando do universo, nas estrelas e o quanto sente-se inferior. E entre muita lama, flores e discussões, eles se encontram.