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the plans for an outdoor table
Miter Saw Stand Plans | HowToSpecialist - How to Build, Step by Step DIY Plans
a wooden box with two handles on it
Bau De Madeiracaixote Decoraco Consulte Sob Medida
baú de madeira/caixote decoração (consulte sob medida)
a wooden chair with measurements for the seat and back legs, including parts to make it
Projects & Plans
Assemble the Base
the measurements for an unfinished cabinet door
Projects & Plans
Make the Top and Shelf
the measurements for an outdoor shower stall, including two doors and one door on each side
Projects & Plans
the measurements for an unfinished shelf are shown in two different sizes and shapes, including one with
Projects & Plans
Make the Rails
a workbench with a circular saw on it
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Building this project will make your other DIY projects easier to build. This miter saw stand gives a home to one of your most important tools. It offers removeable support wings to hold long boards. Plus, this miter saw stand rolls easily to work where you want to, and then tuck compactly away.
a screw is shown in this image with the head and end facing upward, on a white background
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Kreg SML-C250-125 2-1/2
an image of a wooden workbench with instructions on how to build the frame
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Align the Fence
an image of a wooden shelf with measurements for the top and bottom section on it
Projects & Plans
Make the Front Legs
a drawing of a bench with measurements for it
Projects & Plans
Make the Back Legs
a set of tools that are in a blue box with screws and pliers
Kreg Jigs® - Joining Solutions
Pocket-Hole Jig
an image of the measurements for a wall and ceiling light fixture, including two lights
Projects & Plans
the diagram shows how to make an outdoor fire pit with seating areas for two people
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