that fucking clever bastard. i can't hate him dammit.

that fucking clever bastard. i can't hate him dammit. And I'm totally not taking after him after buying a death note myself.

Black and White anime feather l Death Note kira light yagami Lawliet

Blood on the feather. Drip paint down the Deathnote. An apple by the feather.

His eyes seeking for Evil - Death Note ~ DarksideAnime

People say this pictures for evil (his eyes are looking for evil) but in death note he is the good guy


Ryuk is a Shinigami and the deuteragonist in the anime/manga series Death Note.

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Death Note Retina wallpaper

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Wallpaper and background photos of Kira-i am justice! for fans of Light Yagami images.

Ryuk death note Samsung wallpaper

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