Estante em Zig-Zag - Interessante Forma de Aproveitamento de Cantos.

Zigzag shelf - by TDSpade ~ woodworking community. Would be a terrific idea for a child's room, painted white etc.

Ideia de como guardar o material de limpeza, inclusive a vassoura e o rodo.

Spring Cleaning - Ideas and Inspiration for Organizing and Storing Cleaning Supplies & Products

Keep all of your cleaning supplies in an easily accessable space with Thomasville Cabinetry's Utility Cabinet. I think this idea could be easily modified on a standard kitchen cabinet with a little ingenuity.

Trash can cover up!

Much more attractive than the plastic trash can. Need to do this as a DIY with the kitchen sized trash can to keep the dog out of the trash!

Casa - Decoração - Reciclados: Aproveitando Espaços com Prateleiras e Ideias Criativas!

Cool (out of the way) book shelf! We really need a bookshelf for those awkward corners of the office where we pile things unnecessarily. Could use any bookshelf really.

Another great re-use for an old shirt. So cooL!!! Men's shirt apron!

Man's button down shirt to apron. I am an apron junkie and this is one that I HAVE NOT seen! I have a feeling my husband might find one of these from his old shirts way sexier than the frilly stuff I have now!

20 Pallet Projects You Ought To Try This Summer. The container shown is a great idea for garbage, recycling and composting.

Make this for Trash, Paper, Plastic/Aluminum with a slit opening for the paper choice and a square opening for the trash option and the circle for cans and plastic bottles.

Decor: Crate Coffee Table

While we sure do love us some pallet coffee tables, perhaps your living room calls for something a bit smaller? This wine crate coffee table is just the .

60 Ideias Criativas para Organizar o Quarto das Crianças!

60 Ideias Criativas para Organizar o Quarto das Crianças!

ideias de decoração, organização e faça você mesmo

ideias de decoração, organização e faça você mesmo

LOVE shelf DIY this would be an AMAZING wedding present…or a good thing for a couple to do as an anniversary gift to themselves? LOVE shelf DIY this would be…