“By @jaesonlakim #arch_more”

Here the artist focuses in on the tiny details of the building. Different textures are able to be found through different types of blending e. wood, brick, glass and trees.

Architecture - Daily Sketches on Instagram: “By @mahdi.seddigh #arch_more”

This drawing is very simplistic and has very few crisp and clear pen line details. The Colours and marker techniques are the most dominate element in this drawing.

«By @mohammadpirdavari #arch_more»

find the solution sketch of primary idea for cultural center design competition helsinki-finland

Architecture - Daily Sketches on Instagram: “By @peymanthi #arch_more”

For this drawing the building has used some different colour markers to identify the materials that are being used on the building exterior, pen was also used to add hatching onto the wall which shows has a timber textile quality

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