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Inuyasha Motivator by ~StarlightShymmer on deviantART

Inuyasha Motivator by StarlightShymmer on DeviantArt

Dear lord, I get new favorites on this almost every single day. Please check out some of my actual artwork, if you wouldn't mind! I'd greatly appreciate... Inuyasha Motivator

Kagome's love Motivational by on @deviantART

Kagome's love Motivational by CarmenCallaway on DeviantArt

Inuyasha and Kagome motivational. Kagome says: "My name is KA-GO-ME! Not Kikyou!" I think that this scene of anime is very funny. Poor Inuyasha! Kagome'... Kagome's love Motivational

Inuyasha Fathers (FUNNY) by on @deviantART....sad and true

Inuyasha Fathers (FUNNY) by Francinexxx on DeviantArt

This is something I noticed about Inuyasha, that not many characters actually have a fathers still living, so I decied to make this. I took all the scre... Inuyasha Fathers (FUNNY)

Monthly Envy by Patches365 on deviantART

Monthly Envy by Patches365 on DeviantArt

So, having tormented Sesshoumaru and Inu-papa relentlessly, I figured I should pick on Inuyasha's group once in a while. Unfortunately, most all puns th... Monthly Envy

Lecturing by ~deathgirl88 on deviantART

Lecturing by deathgirl88 on DeviantArt

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Kikyo can go somewhere with herself. Good thing Inuyasha finally found good taste in women aka Kagome!

Kikyo can go somewhere with herself. Good thing Inuyasha finally found good taste in women aka Kagome!

InuYasha Photo

Inuyasha Photo: usuitakumi77

Photo of usuitakumi77 for fans of Inuyasha 33205311

Inuyasha Kagome motivational by on @deviantART

Inuyasha Kagome motivational by otaku4life2010 on DeviantArt

let's face it, Kagome is annoying, and most of you were thinking the same thing, whether you hate her or not... Inuyasha Kagome motivational

Lol - Inuyasha and Kagome

Demotivational Poster Image #1132035 - Zerochan Anime Image Board

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