Garderobbery by Pavel Ilyuk A really great depiction to the inspiration and influence of the rose garden packaging. Additionally, the sleek black background creates the perfect balance for the overall look.

Our Paper Shop stamp lovers guide to branding. I love simple branding like this and part of my day is getting to us the stamp at work! (Yes I'm still 5 when it comes to stamps!

Nice Business card Custom Logo Design from Dapper Paper business cards floral business cards 505 Media embossed business card

Image of The King Of Asia original watercolor painting by Luqman Reza Mulyono (Jongkie) entitled "BROS". This painting painted on 16 January White tiger and butterflies watercolour splash tattoo inspiration.

stunning business card design by LA based Jessica Comingore She used vintage floral with a nice modern font. The colors of the floral make you take notice of everything else subtle or not.