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Rat cage, critter nation, green and brown theme

A rat cage, but I love people who take their pets seriously! :D I wish hedgies could climb, I would TOTALLY make this a hedgehog cage! But maybe I will anyway and change the ropes to bridges!

my rat  would LOVE this! i want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll have a wonderful crop of grass'' in under a week. Cut a difficult parcel of fabric to size. You might locate these free somewhere, or they're just a few dollars to purchase new. Then there's the extra bonus of locating a treat.

Ferret cage pan covers, for a cozy home your ferret will love with little splash of fashionable ferret too!

Tutorial: How to Sew Pan Covers for Ferret/Critter Nation Cages / Rat-related comment: Covering the rats' Day Cage during daytime encourages them to be active. Also see aromatherapy with grapefruit scent.

Simple and Easy Ways to Accessorize a Rat Cage -- use an old beanie as a hanging bed

Use a hat as a hammock for your rats, sugar gliders or snakes! Find a fleece hat or other hat made of safe materials for your pet and use safety pins to hang the hat on the walls of your wire cage.

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Covered Light Switch & Outlet Plates use fabric or scrapbook paper. apply mod podge to the plate cover, then fabric/paper, the mod podge once more over fabric/paper. When dry, paint around the outer and inner edges and screw tops. mod podge one last fin