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a person holding up a bag of hawaiian coffee in front of shelves with other items
Novas empanadas e sobremesas no Café Havanna -
two plates with pastries and drinks on a table
Novas empanadas e sobremesas no Café Havanna -
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other on top of hay covered ground with text overlay
two pastries sitting on a cake plate next to a glass of wine and a sign
a table topped with baskets filled with eggs and bunnies
a woman holding a yellow bag with a banana in it and the words havana on it
Overalls, Trousers, Fashion, Pants
a dessert on a white plate with caramel sauce
a woman holding an egg shell in front of her face
a woman is eating something with her hands
a person holding a half eaten doughnut in their hand with caramel sauce on it
several children are sitting on the grass and holding small pieces of fruit in their hands
there are three tortilla shells on the table
two yellow bags with gold ornaments in them sitting on the grass, tied to each other