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Cheetah nike's. LOVE!

White cheetah print Nike Frees WANT! Usually not a fan of cheetah print, but these are intriguing.

Just died

“Vampire Teabags” Zipper Pouch for Tampons/Pads/Etc Keep your menstrual accessories (aka Vampire Teabags) all together in this little pouch! Sold on Etsy.

Backless Bra! I need this!

Jamie Warmanberg posted Backless Bra-totally great for open back dresses & shirts! to his -make up tips- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

i wish i was felicia! she's always going somewhere

I Wish I Was Felicia

There are 3 tips to buy this t-shirt: dope style shirt jesus christianity religion funny quote on it funny shirt.

birthstones of you and your significant other

Infinity Accent Ring


I'm gonna go by me a fix now 😃😃😃tame fox MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE awesome places and weird facts ONLY

Diamond ring made to look like a rose, OH MY WORD.

Diamond ring made to look like a rose. Beauty and the Beast all the way :):) This is my future wedding ring.

Pillows for bedroom... So cute

Pillows with the first thing you say to each other the morning after the wedding.

I could use this sweatshirt some days. lol

Nope not today hoodie. Order this custom shirt from Boardman Printing.