Laces, Trims and Ribbons

Check out the stunning laces, trims and borders we have @KnicKnackNook
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two pink and black lace trims with flowers on white furnishing next to each other
two pieces of embroidered fabric with flowers on them
a person is holding two pink belts with gold sequins on them and green leaves
Trims, Ribbons
multicolored lace trims are lined up on a white surface, each with different colors
two rows of red and green beaded belt on white furnishing with gold trim
a hand is holding a pink ribbon with an intricate design on it and another item in the background
Fabric Embellishment
three different colored flowers and leaves on a white surface
embroidered appliques with flowers on white fabric
a hand is holding some blue and gold embroidered flowers
Cutwork, Boho
a hand is holding an embroidered red and white ribbon that has flowers in the center