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Ls obras de "Tinman" usan chatarra proveniente de vehículos de desguace, convirtiéndolos en productos útilesde tintes retro, como estas lámparas de salón.

cool pendant fixtures from tire rims!

Diorama, Diecast, Small Display Cabinet, Display Cabinets, Display Case, Room, Hot Wheels Display, Men Cave, Shelves

10 Coffee Tables Every Petrolhead Needs In Their House - Funny

10 Coffee Tables Every Petrolhead Needs In Their House - Funny Wins

The stool is made from oil barrel. It is colored white. The barrel is made from metal so it`s durable and strong. However, there is no handle to move the heavy metal chair/stool. But there are black colored cushions where the students/person sits and lies on. Maybe the barrel can be rolled to be moved from places.

Vintage Harley Davidson,Porsche,GULF or other design retro oil drum seat/chair

Tambor porta-ferramentas

Barril de petróleo reciclado como armário para ferramentas

Tambor porta-ferramentas


Danish Fuel’s piece will store all your special drinks and glasses while adding a touch of fun and history to your hous

Ce sont des horloges de piston fabriqués à partir de recyclé Chevrolet Pistons de 350 moteurs (5,7 L). ils sont de différentes époques et peuvent avoir une apparence légèrement différente du piston à piston (certains ont des pattes de montage sur les côtés de la base/piston). Ils sont

Small Block (SBC) Chevy Piston Clocks (different engine size and color options)

Uma possibilidade de criar um chaveiro a partir de um engate de cinto não mais utilizado.

Buckle up your keys and keep them safe just like you do your own self with the buckle up key holder. If you are always losing your keys, this key holder is the perfect thing to go on your wall.

car parts art

Vintage Chevrolet Car Emblem Wall Art with baby name

Such a cute idea to do with an old wagon that your kids don't use anymore!

Custom, Hand-Made Wall Mount Hot Wheels Display, Inside of a Radio Flyer Wagon Bed, Can Also Be Used For Scale Models by CNSwholesale on Etsy


Cooler Tisch aus Kolben im Sternmotordesign

mesa de sinuca - carro antigo

Awesome Ford Mustang pool table for the "mancave" or basement.


Awesome rim tableCall today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Units Available! Ideal for Outdoor gear, Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles, etc.

For the Man Cave [ CLICK HERE! ] | #mancave #shop #deals…


Shelby Mustang GT 500 sofa / couch for the man cave or garage