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Ho-Oh (Fenghuang)
Here is Ho-Oh, shining atop the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City . Do you know where the peculiar name of Ho-Oh comes from? Ho-Oh ホウオウ comesfrom the Japanese transcription of Chinese 鳳凰 Hōō (Fenghuang, the name of the Chinese phoenix it is inspired by), but also a fusion of 2 Japanese kanji 火事 Ho (fire) and 王 ō (king) . Ho-Oh therefore means the King of Fire! Rocks, no?
an image of a painting with water splashing from it's bottom and the sky in the background
Lugia | by Akage Sensei
rayquaza dynamax sky pillar
Rayquaza (Sky Pillar)
a cartoon character with paint splattered all over it
red and yellow circles on black background with polka dot dots in the center, as well as
ラフレシアの壁紙をゲット! カントー地方のポケモンの柄の壁紙は、こちらからチェック!
an anime character flying through the air with fire in front of her and two other characters behind him
a drawing of a pikachu with goggles on
an image of two cartoon animals swimming in the same direction, one is red and the other is black
a drawing of a pokemon pikachu in front of an orange and yellow background
an image of a cartoon character with blue hair and red eyes, holding a microphone